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Mantra : Right here, Right NOW !!

January 26, 2012

Mantra : Right here, Right NOW !!

What is present all about, have you ever experienced it ? When we are going through the tough times those are the best times to practice importance and experience of being in present, Want a little clue? Just right now, look around you, look at things and just look without any thought.Literally, I mean stare at them , till the time your little voice in your head shuts up…

Do you feel those things have energy ? Well, I call it kinetic energy , the term whose meaning I understood later in this way. Do you feel that you exist right now and that is the only thing that matters ? You don’t have past, rather it’s dead and what we call future is just in our head, while doing thinking about the same, we are missing on present . Be here, stay here, enjoy the joy of existence ! Live in awe of things , in awe of present.Love everything and everyone present in it, because it’s your present.That’s only what matter right now in this meaningless stream of life!



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