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So What are you thinking ??

So What are you thinking ??.


So What are you thinking ??

So What are you thinking ??

There are times in our life where we come across situations of ultimate awkwardness and we say to ourselves( we don’t say it, the little voice in our head does!) that “Oh ,they wont like it, why I did it this way at first place..urrghh!” “Now see what he/she might be thinking of you ?” ” They’ll know how stupid I am!” “You moron, look what you did, now hide some place fast !” and so continues many versions of same or similar dialogues(with change of tone of course. yes in my head it does have tone too!! ) for many different people..

So what did you mention there? what went wrong actually ?
Here’s a free tip “Nothing went wrong never !” (oh what a figure of speech 😛 )

Yes, that is the case, what we do is we do “something” once and rest is worrying about the people who might perceive it “x” way , interpret “y” way or understand is “z” way? Why so much thinking?

We just start thinking about what will be the reactions of people around it and the time we waste in this is measurably vast.Think of it.Why do we feel need to go to our heads first to fetch the answer for these questions ?( what would they’ll think ?? )  secondly why do we take these people to our heads to do our evaluation and thirdly why do we again try to enter their heads in our heads to get what would they be then thinking! Now problem is not that we do all that, problem starts when we assume they thought something , which basically what we don’ want them to think (!!)

You know in happens to me too, when I wear some funny jeans and think all the way while walking that people are staring at it. When I say something in the presentation and worry that i said that one point wrong. When I talk to the person I want to impress and think in infinite loop that I should have put it other way round, would have been more effective !!

Guys, this is just a waste of time, I mean when you are walking down the streets and people are passing by, they may have many out of infinite thoughts to think about, are you that special that the person is likely to think about the thing you are embarrassed about ? people might be thinking about their work, friends, families, incidents, past, future plans, or next to do thing on the list,just about anything! You see now, how we waste our time on the things we can’t even be sure of that we deciphered right or not. OR even for a “chosen one” out there who exactly knew while worrying what other party thought, I have an idea, see they already thought of it , it ALREADY happened, now what ?,will you stop that in your head now and move on ?

So, that’s all folks !! now when I wonder whether you got it right or not? you liked it or not?I think,  “You know what, it doesn’t matter, I don’t want thousands of you in my head right now and yes also I am not you to have answer of that. so be it.”

Now you can have that little smile in there, you have another thought to chew on( which one? they must have been worrying/thinking about what I think 😛 ?)

So What makes you “yellow” ? thinking “yellow” or thinking “not blue”?

Mantra : Right here, Right NOW !!

Mantra : Right here, Right NOW !!.

The lovely YOU !!

The lovely YOU !!.


The lovely YOU !!

The lovely YOU !!

This pic was from a movie “The lovely bones”, just thought to share it with you for what I had learned from it.

The movie says whatever, you can read it on wiki, but in short , in the last sequence of the movie, when this little girl who is been like stuck in the space of living and dead, She can make things happen or visible to the living people out there but yet on the other side she is not free, “mukti” what Hindus call it, has not dawned on her yet.

Now, this becomes a situation for her where she can stay in the space she is right in and punish her murderer somehow( power of the ghost or something like that). Also some of the girls accompany her in this world, killed by the same person, let her know that it is time to go(go towards liberation i think).

She at one point of time has to choose between staying there and taking revenge OR going away towards peace, “mukti’, knowledge, salvation, whatever in our own words we can call it, the place we reach after giving up this body.And here what she does is “chooses to leave”. Wait what ? no revenge ?

Yes, that’s how life is. Being incomplete , hurtful and sad about things and holding them back, nourishing them in our hearts is of no utter use to us.We should get complete about things , whatever the things might be.Complete , OK , “no problem” about all those things. Unless we are complete about all the things that happened to us while we lived, we won’t get “mukti” or salvation even after being dead !!. What a thought !!(You see, ghosts shown in movies always have some tragedy associated with them before they died 😛 )

While you live here, to do that is in your hands completely, really, stop holding grudges, forgive everyone, even you in some matters if its needed. Forgive and get complete. Cry out load, write on paper, tell a friend, tell LORD, do anything it takes to get free all that stinking stuff inside your mind about anyone or anything “that happened”. Let is go. What we are doing by holding it with us , is just poisoning ourselves with the memories of it, which no longer is true, we are a different person now, and the thing happened to the person is no longer here now.I know and have idea about what kind of things you would be incomplete about, trust me , I have. and I understand you, Just a request, get complete about all of them.Try it, it feels great!! Love. .


Mantra : Right here, Right NOW !!

Mantra : Right here, Right NOW !!

What is present all about, have you ever experienced it ? When we are going through the tough times those are the best times to practice importance and experience of being in present, Want a little clue? Just right now, look around you, look at things and just look without any thought.Literally, I mean stare at them , till the time your little voice in your head shuts up…

Do you feel those things have energy ? Well, I call it kinetic energy , the term whose meaning I understood later in this way. Do you feel that you exist right now and that is the only thing that matters ? You don’t have past, rather it’s dead and what we call future is just in our head, while doing thinking about the same, we are missing on present . Be here, stay here, enjoy the joy of existence ! Live in awe of things , in awe of present.Love everything and everyone present in it, because it’s your present.That’s only what matter right now in this meaningless stream of life!